Anthony Mackie Talks About New Series Based on Classic PlayStation Game

You mentioned Barbie and I’ve thought about how all these old-school games and toys are being made into different art forms for the adults who were once children playing with them, 10 to 20 years ago. Seeing them again, and bringing up old memories is healing for the inner child. So I wanted to ask what have you done recently to heal your inner child?

That’s a great question. I don’t know but I know what will heal my inner child. If they make a movie of Thundercats, I have to play Mumm-Ra. That’s what it is, I want the little tights, I want the whole shebang, I even want the pointy ears. I want to be the blue dude and I would do it for free. I feel like that’s the movie they have to make, if you can make Barbie you have to at least do Thundercats, they gotta do it. 

Okay we’re going to start that campaign, let’s make sure Thundercats gets done and I’ll remind people you said you’ll do it for free

I’ll do it for free, or I’ll donate all my money to little blue people to pay for college.

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