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‘Bachelor’Joey Graziadei Has Disagreement With Kelsey Anderson – Hollywood Life

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 14: (L-R) Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei attend the 2024 Disney Upfront at Javits Center on May 14, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)
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Like any couple, there are times the duo may disagree especially when it comes to what you wear to go out. Take a look at former Bachelor Joey Graziadei and his fiancée Kelsey Anderson who had a bit of an unagreement when getting dressed to go to a nice dinner.

A Tiktok video posted this week by the 25-year-old where she is seen in a nice light gray-blue blouse with white pants went viral after she asked the 29-year-old who dressed in a striped button down with khaki shorts to change his birkenstock sandals since they were headed to a nice dinner. “Joey, you aren’t in Hawai’i anymore. Pls cage the dogs for dinner PS I love you,” she captioned the post.

As the clip captures Joey coming down the stairs, Kelsey eyes him down and says, “Are you wearing those shoes?…Do you see what I’m wearing?…Let’s put some different shoes on.”

The Bachelor hearthrob was taken back by her request and kindly told her “Imagine if I said that to you” he asked as she responded with a “You would never say that to me” and shortly after he was sent off to go change his shoes.


Joey, you aren’t in Hawai’i anymore. Pls cage the dogs for dinner ❤️ PS I love you

♬ original sound – Kelsey Anderson

Despite having to change shoes, he stood his ground and commented “I’ll awalys stand with the Birkenstocks!!’

This clip led to many to have mixed opinions in the comment secion on whether they agreed with Kelsey or not. 

“Oooof It came off a little condescending let the man wear birks and go be happy at din together !!,” a user commented.

A second user added, “It’s summer.. you absolutely can wear sandals. And they’re Birkenstocks which are nice. Not like he has on Nike Slides.”

“LEAVE JOEY AND HIS BIRKENSTOCKS ALONE,” a third online user shared.

Though many disagreed, other’s rather understood where Kelsey was coming from and shared their thoughts on the matter.

“ ‘You would never say that to me,’ that’s mother right there,” a TikTok account commented.

Another user said, ‘Gents, if you’re eating INSIDEEEEE a nice restaurant idc what time of year it is – wear closed toed shoes please gawd.”

This post comes amid the reveal of their engagement earlier this year on season 28 of The Bachelor.

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