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Gyspy Rose Blanchard’s Husband Ryan Calls Her Boyfriend Ken a ‘Punk’ – Hollywood Life

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Ryan Anderson and Gypsy Rose Blanchard attend "The Prison Confessions Of Gypsy Rose Blanchard" Red Carpet Event in New York City

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard‘s estranged husband, Ryan Scott Anderson, is sharing his feelings on his divorce and her new relationship with Ken Urker. During a TikTok live on Tuesday, July 2, Ryan revealed that he argued with Ken via text messages earlier that day. He began his live session by apologizing to Gypsy “for fighting with Ken over text,” per PEOPLE.

“I did ask how you were because I am genuinely curious how you’re doing because we are going through the show thing, and I am curious about you,” Ryan said on TikTok, directly addressing Gypsy. “Is what it is; I can’t help it. I do still care whether you want me to or not.”

He then addressed Ken directly, claiming that the reason why he “came back” to Gypsy was because he “saw all the attention she was getting.”

“I don’t like Ken,” he said, before adding, “He’s a punk.”

While acknowledging that he needs “to move on,” Ryan admitted to his followers that he still has “moments where I miss here, and today is one of them.” He went on to point out that he met Gypsy “three years ago for the first time.”

Ryan Anderson attends "The Prison Confessions Of Gypsy Rose Blanchard" in New York City
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“If Gypsy was just my girlfriend, I get a completely,” Ryan said while responding to TikTok commenters, who suggested that he try to move on. “But we were legit married for a year and eight months. Like, communication between us really just stopped. Even after she left, we talked a lot. So, you know it’s hard for me. It’s hard for me now the show started that communication [between] us is not what it was. It’s difficult.”

As he looked back on his and Gypsy’s former relationship, Ryan pointed out that they “really did have a fun time, but I’m not ready to go there,” adding that he’s not jumping into a new relationship anytime soon. “I’m still picking up the pieces,” he admitted. “I’m just being honest. I need to heal before I start a new [relationship].”

Toward the end of his TikTok live, Ryan emphasized to his followers that he wanted them to “support Gypsy,” adding that his estranged wife is “great” and “amazing.”

“I still have all the love in the world for Gypsy,” he pointed out. “I’m not gonna say anything negative about her even if I want to or even if I feel like she deserves it … I have too much respect for her.”

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