How Often To Sharpen Your Knives According To A Chef

So although the correct answer to “how often should I sharpen my knives?” is still “it depends on how often you use them,” if you’re a home cook, it’s probably fine to sharpen your knives just two or three times annually. Some factors will affect how often you need to sharpen them. Obviously, if you’re using them professionally or on a fairly heavy-duty basis (daily and for several hours at a time), you may want to sharpen them as often as once a month. Just pay attention to how well the knives are working: If they’re cutting through all your ingredients like butter, there’s no need to sharpen them, but if cutting requires more effort and you have to hack at your ingredients, it’s time to get the whetstone out. Remember, that extra effort in chopping can result in more accidents in the kitchen, which is another good reason to sharpen them.


A couple of other factors to consider are what you’re cutting, and the quality of your knives. The steel on cheaper knives tends to get dull faster compared to more upscale brands, so you’ll want to sharpen them more often. If you’re using them to cut tougher foods, like meat or maybe certain denser vegetables (say, pumpkins or squash), they may also need more regular sharpening.

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