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JoJo Siwa Curses Out Fans After Getting Booed at NYC Pride

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Sometimes, karma comes in the form of JoJo Siwa.

At least, that’s what happened for one audience member who booed the “Karma” singer at a Pride concert in New York City June 29. As seen in video circulating on social media, JoJo took a moment from her performance to shut down the jeering.

“Who the living f–k just booed me,” she yelled into her microphone. “Where the f–k did that come from? Which one of you?”

Though JoJo was not able to identify culprit, she did have a stern message for any other potential hecklers.

“Respectfully,” the 21-year-old said, “f–k you.”

And this was not the first time JoJo clapped back at her haters. After debuting a more mature look for her new musical era earlier this year, she pushed back on criticism of her rebranding from her previous kid-friendly image.

“People are afraid of things they don’t know,” the Dance Moms alum told E! News in April. “Things can be scary for people. New things can be very, very scary.”

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