McDonald’s Spinoff CosMc’s Reports Enormous Traffic In First Month

Although there’s only one CosMc’s location open as of January 2024, McDonald’s is planning to turn it into a full-fledged chain. The company aims to have 10 locations (which the company considers “pilot” restaurants) open by the end of 2024 and is looking at Texas for the next batch of openings, according to Quartz. Specifically, there should be CosMc’s opening in the San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth areas, although there aren’t any dates set yet.


The aim of CosMc’s is to lure a younger crowd of twenty-something customers. The company has had some difficulty drawing younger diners in recent years — in the 2010s, there were various reports that millennials were shunning McDonald’s, although there’s also evidence that Gen Z likes fast food more than older generations. To that end, CosMc’s seems to be leaning into a trendier menu. Items like its turmeric-spiced iced latte and s’mores cold brew seem like they’d fit right in at Starbucks, and would fit with Gen Z’s preference for iced drinks. CosMc’s focus is drinks, though it does have a food menu, that mixes McDonald’s items like Egg McMuffins (no burgers, though) with new creations like an avocado-tomatillo sandwich, which also appears to be aimed at younger crowds (who have been noted for their love of avocados). 


But only time — and the drive-thru lines at a few more pilot locations — will tell if McDonald’s can actually capture the younger generations with CosMc’s new aesthetic and drinks-forward business strategy. 

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