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Nikki Glaser’s Parents Apologize for “Gross” Julia Roberts Comments

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The internet was less than enchanted by the comments Nikki Glaser‘s parents made about Julia Roberts at Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour.

The comedian’s mom and dad, Julie and Edward Glaser, recently raised eyebrows with their reaction the Oscar winner saying hi to Travis Kelce at the singer’s June 30 performance in Dublin.

“She’s so gross,” Julie said in an Instagram Story shared on July 1, while watching a video of Julia and Travis chatting inside the VIP tent, to which Nikki replied, “Isn’t that a little much?”

Noting the “weird” placement of Julia’s hand on Kansas City Chief player’s chest, Julie went on to joke that it looked like the Pretty Woman star was “itching” him.

Her husband Edward was also confused by the interaction, quipping that Travis looked like he was “trying to get away from” Julia.

Julie jokingly added, “She’s trying to French kiss him right now.”

While Nikki and her parents didn’t think much of the comments at the time, they were rather surprised to learn that it had made tabloid headlines a day later.

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