Ninja Would Like to Get Some More Sleep

No. not at all. I love playing video games, man. And I’ll always love it.

I am definitely still in my prime. I am still fantastic at the game, and I will never not be good at video games in my opinion.

Like five or six is usually what I get.

Of course I want eight, man. Are you kidding me? If I didn’t have to wake up to the alarm it would be the greatest thing in the world. I hate my alarm. I slam it and then just slowly roll out of bed, and I’m like, “I could probably use another two hours,” but, you know, got that schedule, dude. If I am five minutes late, I look at that chat and it’s like, “Is Ninja late? Is he streaming today? Why isn’t he on?”

YouTube and Twitch are the primary incomes, for sure. And then I would say 20 percent deals and partnerships and things like that. And that’s generous. My wife can answer that perfectly for you.

I wanted to hide how much we were making because I don’t care. But now I kind of want everyone to know: This is how much the top guys can make. It’s important that parents can see. All the contracts for professional athletes — all their salaries are public: This is how much the best quarterback makes, this is how much LeBron makes a year. That’s a huge driving factor in bringing things to, “Hey this is how much Ninja might make this year or next year.” That is now a bar that parents and kids can look up to.

I don’t want to say this the wrong way and come across the wrong way, but of someone who is of my size and status, there aren’t this many people that are this big that are live all the time, that you have contact with. There are definitely celebrities you have no contact with. Some, you don’t see them unless they are on a movie screen.

I have people that have access to me every single day. I get clickbait questions, donations, like what you just said, 10 hours a day I am basically deflecting 90 percent of the questions that people ask me.

“Who is your favorite person you play with?” “Who is your favorite streamer that you play with?” “Who is the best basketball player that you’ve played with?”

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