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How to get more visitors to your site from google in 2019

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You can dramatically increase your visitors to your website site by directing your traffic from google on a daily basis and still not improve your SERP. That’s because when it comes to competitive keywords, it can actually take anywhere for 30 to 90 days after working on search engine marketing. Even after that your competitors could be hiring marketing teams just to target certain keywords costing them $100’S if not $1000 a day. But we are here to find out how to direct traffic from google to your site, and no its not from a flashy Splash Page that links back to your homepage, even though if you know what your doing you can effectively bring traffic to you site that way, but  this Technic still involves building an effective Splash Page . 


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So, what’s my secret to bringing traffic to your site? 

Its actually very simple. Doing keyword research on long tail keywords or overlooked keywords that are not that competitive and then create an effective splash page that are related to your keywords. With these pages they can be promoting your product, service, or blog. The possibility is endless because with instant pages providers like are completely free. Even they already have pre made templates for your niche. You can easily build these pages in under an hour, so if you have 5 pages and generate 10 visitors to each page that is 50 organic Unique visitors to you site that has already showed interest in your product, service, or blog. With some good keyword research, you can generate monthly searches to your pages that will lead right to your money site. All this is for free, so there is nothing but potential. 

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There are several ways you can do effective keyword research for free. You can use Google AdWords keyword research tool, but as of recent for some countries you now have to enter you credit card and billing information in order to access this tool. So, the tool that I use the most is Keywords Everywhere. What I love the most about this tool is that it covers both traditional and competitors keywords. Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on that can be installed on Google Chrome or Firefox. You will get detailed information to show you monthly search volume, competition data, and even cost per click on from multiple websites. 

Again, the potential is endless and can with the combination of keyword research and an effective splash page. 

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