The Blender Technique To Boost Frozen Margaritas

When dumping ingredients in your blender, begin with the liquids first — the alcohol, syrups, and lime juice. Then, put in the frozen fruits. Add your ice in last. It’s preferable to use crushed ice to protect the blade.


Begin by pulsing your blender on low. You don’t want to begin on high and bruise all your ingredients by over-blending. As you begin blending on low and the liquid, fruits, and ice begin to crush, kick the blender up on high. You can also use the blender tamper tool to push the ice towards the blade. You’re looking for a smooth consistency. If it’s too thick, you can add a splash of cold water to loosen it up. Once you see a good slushy texture, stop blending and pour in chilled margarita glasses.

Remember that the exact settings depend on the model of your blender. Some blenders are powerful and will reach this consistency in seconds. Others are single-serve bullets, which will take longer. But the idea remains constant in all — start low, and then go high.


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