The Common Mistake That Prevents Grilled Cheese From Melting

Another option that can be helpful is grating your cheese before assembling your sandwich. Because the pieces will be thin and uniform, they’ll melt quicker and more evenly. Many people already have a grater at home even if they don’t have a cheese slicer, so this is a good budget-friendly option if you find that your grilled cheese often doesn’t get melty enough.


The cheese you pick for your grilled cheese matters, too, as hard cheeses typically don’t melt very well. No matter how thinly you slice hard cheese, it’s not going to give you a good melt, and this approach can leave you wanting more. Some popular hard cheeses to avoid include parmesan, aged goudas, and aged cheddars. Instead, opt for softer cheeses that tend to melt easier and better. Some popular options include American, Swiss, Gruyère, Comté, Colby, Monterey Jack, young cheddars, young goudas, pepper jack, provolone, and brie. You can try mixing and matching your cheese as well to add an extra flavor boost. Of course, this will result in a pretty hefty grilled cheese that might require some extra finesse to make sure it melts without burning your bread.


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