TV Shows with Perfect First Seasons

Actual number of seasons: 12

“The first season was sooo good. Brennan changed a lot, and not necessarily for the best. Plus, Dr. Goodman was great.”


“Season 1 Brennan is a little socially awkward and far too focused on her work, but is otherwise a typical adult woman. Anything beyond this, and you’d be convinced she was packed away in storage until the age of 30 and suddenly released into the modern era. And what drives me nuts is that the show gives her this whole disdain for human relationships and culture. She doesn’t get them, doesn’t like them, doesn’t see the point. Which could be well-suited to her character if she was just an ME or coroner. But the show seems to forget she’s an anthropologist (a field of study heavily reliant on an understanding of human relationships and culture, historically and currently, since she’s also mentioned to do humanitarian work), and her main job for the Jeffersonian is, amazingly, NOT solving the FBI’s current homicide. She’s also a highly popular author of fiction novels, and nobody in the writers’ room thought that might be at odds with her later characterization?”


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