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Why Bachelorette Fans Were Left “Screaming” After Season 21 Premiere

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It took just a sec to steal viewers’ attention—but not for the reason you might think.

During the season 21 premiere of The Bachelorette, star Jenn Tran found herself in the midst of a heart-to-heart with contestant Sam Nejad. However, as much as fans were focused on his declaration of being a “love virgin,” it was an unexpected seconds-long cameo during the moment that ended up taking center stage on social media.

As one person tweeted on X of the moment where two small animals looking to be rats appear to scurry past at lightning speed in the background of the couple, “Sorry but do two rats run across the background.”

And they weren’t the only ones to notice how the surprise guests zipped across the room.

“The rats on The Bachelorette having their own storyline!” one user tweeted, while another joked, “That’s called atmosphere.” Meanwhile, a third added, “I’m screaming at the way they got tf outta there.”

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