Why People Swear By Drinking Coffee With Butter

Most of the benefits that come with butter coffee stem from its two main ingredients: butter and an oil high in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). The latter is usually derived from coconut oil in most recipes, but something like palm kernel oil can also be used.


The butter injects a hefty dose of saturated fat into your cup (natural butter contains around 80% of the stuff). The idea is that this high-fat content slows down caffeine absorption, keeping you alert and energized for longer without the typical coffee crash. Additionally, MCTs are believed to induce a feeling of fullness, reducing hunger throughout the day. This appetite-suppressing effect could aid in weight loss and improve metabolic efficiency for those who are on a keto or paleo diet.

Despite the enthusiastic claims from supporters, scientific backing for this concoction is lacking. There’s minimal — if any — research to support these claims. According to Healthline, while butter might marginally slow caffeine absorption, its impact may be insubstantial. Similarly, the effects of MCTs on weight loss are widely debated — and, as of now, still inconclusive in nutritional circles, per a study found in the National Library of Medicine.


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