Why You Should Soften Sticks Of Butter Standing Up

Using the standing-up method softens butter perfectly, and fast. This matters because, as you might have heard, baking is something of a science. Nuking your butter for too long can change its state from a pliable-but-still-firm texture to a totally melted liquid — and that can impact the final baked good. For example, if you’re making a cake or cookies, your butter should be soft enough to cream into a stiff texture, in order to create fluffiness in the finished product. This is because solid butter fat holds tiny pockets of air which are then imparted into the final baked good, creating airiness and height. On the other hand, using butter that’s too melted may yield denser, less airy cakes and overspread flat cookies. 


But again, if you don’t have several hours for a frozen stick of butter to reach the ideal consistency, a microwave can do the trick. You can get your butter right where you want it by melting it in the microwave in short several-second intervals. While you’re nuking it, keep it in the paper wrapper. Most butter wrappers are made out of paraffin-coated paper designed to be microwave-safe, and keeping it on prevents a mess.

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