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Your guide to cooking, entertaining and living through summer heat

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As kids, all we needed for a good summer was “The Price is Right” and occasional access to an ice cream truck. As adults, our needs are more complex.

Let us help you tackle the practical problems of summer — how to protect your pets and ward off mosquitoes — along with more bourgeois concerns — how to make any trip feel first-class or find a decent rosé. It’s hot out there; you deserve a cool summer.

27 little travel luxuries to make any trip feel first-class

When you’re facing the draining prospect of red-eye flights or multiple layovers, even the smallest acts of self-care take on new importance. These little gifts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive to provide a dash of comfort. They might even fit into your carry-on bag or coat pocket.

28 books to put on your summer reading list

It’s expected to be the busiest summer for travel in almost 20 years. You’ll need books for all those trains, planes and delays. These are 28 books we’ve enjoyed this year that would make good company, including absorbing histories and funny fiction.

7 ways to keep your pets cool

Extreme weather can also be stressful for pet parents: How do you safely exercise an active dog in the humid July heat? How do you know whether your pet is getting enough water? We talked to veterinarians and pet sitters for their best tips for keeping dogs and cats safe and cool in higher temperatures.

Can’t decide on a vacation? Our quiz can help.

Sometimes, the hardest part of vacation is deciding where to go. Whether you’re team do-nothing or a Type II adventurer, browsing options across the world can be overwhelming enough to sink your plans before they begin. So, we’ve created this quiz to help you decide where to go this summer and beyond.

It’s officially rosé season. As our gardens burst with shades of pink each spring, so too do the shelves at our local shops sprout bottles, boxes and cans of pink wine. Here’s how to pick a good one, some misconceptions and a few of our favorite refreshing bottles under $20.

How hardcore mosquito experts fight summer’s most annoying pest

Strong insect repellent may never go out of style, but it’s far from the only option for combating mosquitoes — summer’s most annoying interlopers. We asked seasoned mosquito experts — including entomologists and adventure-travel gurus — how they fight mosquitoes in their backyards.

7 frozen desserts for a cool treat

Sure, many people have been tempted by the siren song of the neighborhood ice cream truck, but instead of waiting, why not have a stash of your own frozen treats at the ready instead? That’s where these recipes for ice pops, mochi and more come in.

Readers’ best summer parenting tips: Boredom is not your problem

Summer can be stressful for parents and guardians: The kids are out of school, adult children are popping over for an extended visit, and trying to plan the “perfect” family vacation can take a toll. So, we asked readers to share advice that helped them navigate the season with a little less stress and a little more fun.

What to bring to your vacation rental

Most rentals probably have the basics, like pots and pans and extra towels. But there are certain items that help make an experience even better and more personal. Expert travelers suggested throwing these things in your tote to make a rental feel like home.

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