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A film by the youth, for the youth

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Duduza – Xolile Dzingwa (25) has successfully written, directed and released a short film, Kungani.

“I was introduced to film by a friend of mine, Nimza Lusibi and to Elson Murure, who is the founder of 3rd Press Films and 3rd Academy House in 2018. I’ve been with them since,” he explained.

The young film-maker said that storyline for the film was inspired by the challenges that the youth are facing in his community.

“I thought I should write a short film to educate, and ask questions. The film is created to catch the attention of all types of individuals as it is a family drama that many might relate to,” he added.
Kungani means ‘why’.

Nyiko Steleke and Gloria Mthembu

Shooting started in September and concluded at the beginning of the year. The crew was left devastated while shooting when one of their members passed away.

“Noks Gijana did not get to see all the work she put in come to life,” said Dzingwa.

He also encouraged young people to pursue their talents, despite the challenges.

“Talent is talent, if you can do it, don’t wait for an angel to come from heaven so you can push your dreams.

Xolile Dzingwa is the brains behind Kungani.

“We don’t have any filming certificates but we are doing what we love and the number of viewers to our project speaks for us.

“All the scenes were shot in Duduza with local talent,” he added.

Dzingwa said there are two more projects in the pipeline.

“One is called Moses and the Angry Youth which we wish to make it a series, and an African drama film called Reedoma. We will drop them in October,” he concluded. Watch Kungani on Youtube:

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