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iTalent Libhaya Ekasi embraces the arts

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Duduza – iTalent Libhaya Ekasi is a talent show held every last Saturday of the month in Duduza. It hosted its fifth talent show at Duduza Freedom Square on June 29.

The initiative gave young and upcoming artists, especially children, a platform to showcase their talents in the arts through dance, poetry, song and painting, among others.

Tshepo Sithole, the co-founder of iTalent Libhaya Ekasi, an initiative that aims to uplift and encourage talented young people, said many talented children in the township often cannot showcase their artistic side.

“My partners and I host these talent shows to keep the children off the streets and away from the world’s negativity.

“The initiative was inspired by the fact that talented young people end up on the streets abusing substances because they lack guidance, exposure, and discipline.

“Through our initiative, we give these children a platform to show us what they are capable of, their skills, and, most importantly, their love for the arts.

“My team and I have taken it upon ourselves to mentor these children by giving them a stage and audience monthly to exercise their talents,” he said.

Sithole said they aim to take as many children off the streets as possible because this initiative challenges and inspires young people to better their craft before the show every month.

He said he is passionate about the arts industry and knows young people face struggles to gain recognition from the outside world.

Orlando Movane and Khabonina Nkosi showcase their paintings at the talent show.

“I am a TV and radio personality. I grew up in Duduza, where creatives lack opportunities, and opportunities are rarely available for artists to better themselves and their craft. The townships do not have arts programmes at their disposal for use.

“We often have to travel to urban areas to get exposed, so we want to combat that. This is why we took it upon ourselves to change the stereotype around the arts and artists in our township,” he said.

Sithole said he has worked collaboratively with his team members – Mpho Madela, Matokollo Rantau and Frank Ndlovu – because they have made it a mandate to impact their community.

He further said Rantau plays a vital role in the team because she is a dancer from the township.

iTalent Libhaya Ekasi team members Tshepo Sithole, Matokollo Rantau, Frank Ndlovu and Mpho Madela.

“Her passion for the arts led to the term and birth of the name of our initiative, iTalent Libhaya Ekasi, meaning there’s a lot of talent in the township, a fact often overlooked,” cited Sithole.

Ndlovu added that they invite the children to showcase their talent and offer them refreshments because they are aware these children come from various backgrounds.

“We know most come to these events on an empty stomach. As a small business owner who owns a food shop, I make food and drinks available to these children free of charge so they can perform actively.

“We do our best to ensure they are free around us and understand the value of being an artist,” added Ndlovu.

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